DLA is the leader in the development of entertainment products for Video On Demand platforms worldwide.

The Company specializes in designing the industry’s most advanced and innovative programming products and services, including the latest generation in On Demand technologies (rental, download to own and subscription) with immediate access to the most complete and attractive programming offered in the market.

To complement its portfolio, DLA offers its commercial partners turnkey solutions that include the development of programming packages and advice for content acquisition, programming, processing, marketing and delivery.

Proudly owned by America Movil, the 4th largest telco in the world with operations in 20+ countries globally.


The DLA Over The Top (OTT) product offering has all the tools needed to provide our customers with the best user experience by combining top of the line design, the best technology available and one of the largest video collections in the world.


Our team directly tackles the key challenges in providing the best content within intuitive and beautifully designed products while utilizing industry leading partners and technologies. We focus on scalability for millions of users to maintain reliable, consistent products to create seamless experiences for our customers. We publish petabytes of data and integrate with 100s of services while monitoring every user interaction. All this while we continue to innovate creating the next generations of on demand digital services.


We are customer focused. We analyze behavioral patterns in product usage, we split test, we focus test, we monitor social engagement and we communicate directly with our customers. We strive to understand our customers and their needs and then use that data to help drive our decisions regarding content, product features, marketing and personalized content recommendations.

Data is the backbone of our products. It delivers consumer and product insights adding value to our users and partners by delivering targeted content to subscribers, identifying trends and satisfying our clients’ business objectives while improving the return on investment and overall quality of the product. Utilizing big data, the user experience is taken to the next level through data driven processes


Stand-alone, multi-platform solution with the most up to date content (movies, shows, concerts). Allows users to watch what they want, whenever they want and where they want.

State of the art integration with Live, Catch-Up and Upcoming TV content – fully integrated within the OTT stand-alone solution.


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